Sudoku is Coming along

Ooh piece of candy...I mean another framework

By Mark

Published: 2023-11-8





More frameworks and Ideas

Astro and React

My last post was a wee bit ranty (this one probably will be as well) and didn’t want any one to think I have given up. I haven’t, I want to finish this project solely to satiate my unhealthy obsession with sudoku. The New York Times limits you to 3 games a day, which is just not enough.

Fun with Javascript

Javascript Developers be like

It’s an older meme sir, but it checks out. And is so unfortunately accurate. I feel this in my soul, especially when trying to make a dang cross platform app, but I think I have finally decided to give in to the React monster. I have played around with it a little before, and I did appreciate how easy it was to test natively on a mobile device using Expo. PLUS I can pretty easily integrate React into this website, because Astro is truly just lovely about it.

I already somewhat translated my C# functionality into just vanilla javascript to use on a page here on my site, you can go mess around with it, but it doesn’t actually play, as I’m trying to work out how best to use input and/or just make my table clickable. I have had fun with it so far, honestly using HTML and JS is still better than the app environments that C# has available. So here we go again, diving into React and React Native for the actual app. Lets see how this goes…